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Pamela Noal, Funeral Celebrant, representing Reflections To Share, offers sincere assistance to loved ones at a difficult time in their lives in the duties of farewelling a loved one and keeping hold of precious memories.

My work in supporting family members is to encourage combined thoughts of the family who are coming to terms with their loss. By piecing together the intricate parts of a wonderful life of a companion, loved one, learning what they shared and loved, allows me to present a personally written ceremony in farewell for reflection as time passes along.

Celebrant Pamela honours the role of Funeral Celebrant to support families at this emotional time in loss and offers comfort during the interview stages in the planning of the ceremony for a Celebration of Life.

The privilege of Pamela being your Funeral Celebrant is encompassed in the words of Conan Doyle …

“What can be happier than a life made beautiful with friendship

and love and completed in honour”.

Pet Memorials

“For all creatures … that are great and small”

Celebrant Pamela offers to you the opportunity to craft a specific farewell service to honour the loyalty of a dear and loving pet friend who has shared with you the understanding and comfort on many quiet times, many adventures and helped you to create many fabulous memories of the times together as an animal companion. As the life of your animal is remembered in the way you wish to farewell the tie of friendship and trust, I am honoured to assist you in the preparation of the service befitting your loved animal companion. Suitable personal memories can be discussed with you in planning a tribute.

As a Memorial Celebrant I recall the tremendous bond of special animals I have had the pleasure of sharing my life with and to this day I feel highlights what I recall as ultimate comfort by the love of an animal who seemed to know just when companionship was needed. There was mutual recognition in these times. As your Celebrant I would be very pleased to assist you to that level of support in sadness surrounding the loss of an animal friend and script a ceremony of farewell with dignity and recognition of the faithful companion.

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